Health Canada Consultation Meeting: scheduled!

We have made another step towards the recruitment phase of our clinical trial! A preliminary meeting with Health Canada has been scheduled for the end of April. At this meeting we will be reviewing the overall content of our clinical trial application. The meeting is meant to ensure that there is a clear understanding of expectations of both the applicant and the reviewers. Then we will be submitting the completed application within a month of our meeting!

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In March 2012, researchers at the University of Alberta received $1.3 million in funding from the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the Choroideremia Research Foundation Canada and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

The funding was the first step, but many more are needed to prepare for a clinical trial. In 2012, the research team received ethics approval for the clinical trial from the Health Research Ethics Board at the University of Alberta. The team has also set up all of the equipment that will allow us to follow the progress of participants in the clinical trial. The equipment was funded by a grant from the Canadian Foundation for Innovation.

However, before the clinical trial can take place, we need approval from Health Canada. We are working hard to put together all of the information that Health Canada needs to make a decision about the safety of participants in the trial. This is called a clinical trial application and we hope to have it ready in early 2013.

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